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Keckley Strainers

Back in the late nineteenth century, one Elizabeth Jordan created a water filter that was far superior to those that were currently on the market. Her innovation became instant success and was dubbed the Keckley strainer. The name is derived from the lady who designed it- Mary Eleanor Keckley. Since its inception, the Keckley strainer has gained worldwide recognition as an efficient way to filter water.

Keckley Strainers

In an era where waste disposal was a serious problem, Keckley strainers were mass-produced to help solve this problem. These strainers were used in households and businesses alike as a way to recycle waste materials into useful products. These products were created using both steel and aluminum, allowing for a wide variety of different strainer designs. This being said, there are many different types of Keckley Strainers. Some are circular while others are hexagonal in shape. There are also variations based on material used to produce the strainer.

The design of a Keckly strainer is based on separating solid materials from liquids and liquid materials from other solid materials. This is possible through the use of a perforated metal basket with closely spaced holes. The holes should be smaller than the materials that the strainer is designed to hold back up. Using an air pressure filter ensures that only clean air passes through the basket. This ensures only clean particles pass through the strainer and get separated from the raw sewage being filtered.

Apart from being an excellent tool for recycling waste, Keckley Strainers can also be used as a way to recycle materials in some situations. For instance, these strainers can be used to separate aluminum cans from other scrap materials during aluminum recycling processes. In addition, these strainers can be used to separate glass from other recycled materials during glass recycling processes. Additionally, these strainers can be used to separate plastic from other recyclable materials during plastic recycling processes.

The original Keckley strainer was created by Mary Eleanor Jordan to filter impurities out of drinking water. The strainer was patented by Jordan in 1895 and became an instant success among consumers- mainly because it was far cheaper than other water filters at the time. The original design consisted of six layers: three layers made of cotton and three layers made of metal gauze with perforations small enough to let clean water pass through but large enough to keep dirty water out.

Based on statistics, there have been many improvements made to personal and industrial waste disposal systems since the invention of the first Keckley strainer back in the late nineteenth century. The original filter has now become famous worldwide as a result of its excellent design and versatility as both a waste disposal tool and a material reclaimer.


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